Bitcoin Plus

Bitcoin Plus is a very interesting way of earning bitcoins. You have probably heard of bitcoin mining, which is dedicating your computer to 'mine' bitcoins.
This website is a web miner, essentially. You click on a button on their website and it uses javascript to dedicate your graphics card or cpu(cpus are not very efficient at bitcoin mining, you will not get any results). You will earn more mining with a client yourself, as all the website does is send the shares to a mining pool and get paid more for them than they pay you, but if you do not want to mine full time and just need a few extra coins this is a very good option.
Overall, I rate this site an 8/10. You may earn more mining yourself, but this is still a nice javascript app for you to use. If you want to mine full time, then I suggest reading up on bitcoin mining.

2 Responses to “Bitcoin Plus”

  1. Phil says:


    About bitcoin Plus, can we receive payout without client?
    I know that bitcoin wallet provided by instawallet doesn’t allow receiving payouts for generation!

    If I have to have bitcoin client install and entering my instawallet on website, I hope client will sent payout to a instawallet wallet without using wallets created by client?


  2. John says:

    not worth it to mine solo on btc plus, but if you have a decent number of visitors it adds up. I’ve only generated enough for 1 payout of .02 btc, and much of that was from me going to all the demo computers when i was shopping one day and going to my link.

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