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Free Bitcoins


Oscry is another website I have found to get free bitcoins. With a fairly simple design, interface and little ads, Oscry pays out 0.0001BTC per day. The payment offered is the standard for most faucet sites, if maybe a little small. But even then, Oscry offer a very good refferal feature. All you need to [...]


BTCFree is a website that I have found, where you can earn free bitcoins every 24 hours. It has, by far, the best design I have seen of any website at all in a very long time(and not just in free bitcoin websites). I absolutely love it. The logo shown is simple, yet effective, along [...]

Bitcoin Dispenser

Bitcoin Dispenser is another site to get Free Bitcoins. The site has been around for quite a long time, but only recently has it gained attention, got much traffic and completed it’s first lottery. This website works like a lottery or raffle, but with free entry. There are two types of lottery, 1BTC and 100BTC. [...]


Bitvisitor is another site that I recently found where you can earn Free Bitcoins. All you need to do is enter your Bitcoin address, and view each site shown to you for 5 minutes. The sites that pay the most go first, and you then work down to the least paying sites. You cannot view [...]


Freebitcoins.weebly.com is an extremely disappointing site; which does not pay out a single satoshi. I highly recommend that you do not visit this site, your efforts will gain you nothing. This site has a very cluttered design, and is littered with advertisements. None of which are related to bitcoin. That may not seem like such [...]


Surfformoney is currently my favourite surf exchange site, which accepts withdrawals in bitcoin. A surf exchange site is where you visit other peoples sites for credits, which use to send people to your site. You can also buy credits with real money, and upgrade your membership. Most traffic exchange sites do not pay out money; [...]


Mycryptcoin is a very disappointing site. I, personally, would not recomment visiting it. Just like many other faucet sites, all you need to do is enter your bitcoin recieving address to get some free bitcoins. Good; so far. Though, for some reason, they don’t tell you how much they will send you. This is the [...]


Freebitcoins.appspot.com is a non-profit service started by a very early adopter, known as Gavin Andresen, who is currently the head developer for the bitcoin client.The amount given out by it is always changing, but currently it is at 0.005 BTC. You can only claim this amount once. You currently need to log in with your [...]