is a non-profit service started by a very early adopter, known as Gavin Andresen, who is currently the head developer for the bitcoin client.The amount given out by it is always changing, but currently it is at 0.005 BTC. You can only claim this amount once.
You currently need to log in with your google account and enter a captcha(to stop spammers), which is easy.Their payout amount is amazing, currently 5x more than dailybitcoins. Well, Gavin can probably afford it, having been a very early adopter and probably have mined thousands of bitcoins, and even bought some at less than a cent each.And if you are interested in some trivia, once this site gave out 5 bitcoins! It was back when bitcoin had not even hit a 1 cent value yet.

Overall, I give this site a 7/10. It had a very high payout rate, and is run by one of the most, if not the most, trusted members of the bitcoin community. Sadly though, it does display your ip on the recent sends page along with your email (the email is in scrambled form), which I am not very happy about. And also, you can only claim once.
But Gavin does make clear that this site isn’t designed for people to make money, its more to get a small balance to experiment with the bitcoin client.

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