Make money from steam games

This time, our method to get free bitcoins is much different.
I am talking about steam.
The bitcoin community is full of gamers, and they all love steam games cheaper than from steam itself.
All you need to do, is buy a popular game when it has a ridiculously slashed price or in a big sale.
You will not be able to sell straight away, as the people who want the game would have bought it and will know you are profiting, but in a few months your games will sell like wildfire. So keep them in your inventory, or trade them for more. Trust me, I listed my games as soon as I bought them, and for about two months nothing happened, then they all suddenly sold in the space of two weeks.
A good site to sell on is bitmit, but their 10% escrow fees are annoying. It is a very good site to get rep though, as you rate your sellers and buyers. Plus, once you have lots of good rep on bitmit, you can offer escrow or money off if not using escrow, saving you some money if no escrow is used.
Overall, I rate this method 9.5/10. I use it myself, and good margins can easily be achieved, but the only problem is that you have to have some starting capital.

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  1. Angela says:

    the same way alchemy would be a big pbolrem for a gold standard love that!I like the lack of centrality and lack of inflation, assuming integrity, of Bitcoin. The pbolrem I see with it, is that it has no inherent value. You could say the same about the Aussie and US dollar, but they began as gold and silver. Only real goods can initially be used as a currency, because few people are going to accept rocks in exchange for food and how many rocks buys one apple? Once everyone is using a valuable currency, it can be possible switch the real for the fake, throwing in some legal tender laws and what have you. It is intriguing though, that there are people accepting Bitcoin, but it is hard to see it becoming widely accepted enough to be useful.

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