Mycryptcoin is a very disappointing site. I, personally, would not recomment visiting it.
Just like many other faucet sites, all you need to do is enter your bitcoin recieving address to get some free bitcoins. Good; so far.
Though, for some reason, they don’t tell you how much they will send you. This is the start, of many problems to come.
It turns out they send you 0.0001 BTC, which is at least 10 times less than most sites, like dailybitcoins, give you.
They also have an awful site design.
One part of the site which gives it credit is that every thousandth request gets 5000 times the normal payment.
Though, I worked out that is they stopped doing that payment then they would be able to afford 6x the normal bounty for users. Still low, but much better.

Overall, I rate this site a 2/10. In my opinion, payments are not even worth visiting the site for, and the site itself is an eyesore.
There is potential for improvement though.

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